25 August 2022 at 12:00 pm

Innovation at Mission New Zealand

Creativity, biculturalism, and other areas of strength for Aotearoa New Zealand will feature in the online short courses and micro-credentials offered on Mission New Zealand, a new online learning platform. 

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With support from the product and service diversification pilot funding round led by Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao (ENZ), the new platform is being developed and managed by The Mind Lab.

Mission New Zealand offers a fully immersive and distinctively New Zealand experience. It focuses on the key differences that New Zealand offers and the benefits of being part of a movement for positive change. A range of shorter learning opportunities are grouped under four themes that reflect New Zealand’s progressiveness and values: culture, tech innovation, creativity and sustainability.

Visitors to the site will be greeted by the world’s first 360° virtual pōwhiri, starting at the gates of Ngāti Whātua Orākei Marae in Auckland. They will experience being called onto the marae with a karanga and stepping onto the grounds to be welcomed by members of Ngāti Whātua.

A screenshot from Mission New Zealand's virtual pōwhiri

Personalised learning, with optional content and stories, insights and other material will help learners experience what makes New Zealand unique.

The new platform is designed to address the increasing global demand for connecting with a visible cause, for online learning options, and for shorter and more flexible courses.

There are still opportunities for New Zealand education providers interested in being part of this opportunity, before the marketing campaign gets underway over the next two months. The site will enable providers to test the demand for their short courses and micro-credentials in areas of New Zealand specialist expertise.

This project is part of ENZ’s programme to encourage the development of new products and services in the international education sector, supported by the COVID Response and Recovery Fund.

The Mind Lab was founded in 2013 and has a strong background in innovation, online delivery and building community connections, including relationships with iwi and Māori-led organisations.

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