14 May 2024 at 10:30 am

Insights Accelerator - 3 things for 30 minutes for PTE and ELS providers

ENZ’s Sector Engagement team launched the Insights Accelerator: 3 things in 30 minutes for our Private Training Establishment (PTE) and English Language School (ELS) providers in April. This follows the success of the PTE and ELS Market Insights Sessions last year. 

The goal of the Insights Accelerator sessions is to offer concise information and insights to support our PTE and ELS providers. By focusing on three things within 30 minutes, Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao (ENZ) hopes to efficiently deliver useful takeaways while being mindful of busy schedules. 

ENZ’s General Manager, Sector Engagement and Innovation, Wendy Kerr said that two Insights Accelerator sessions have been held so far and were well received by attendees.  

My team is constantly reviewing ways we can better engage with the sector and add greater value. With this platform, we hope that we can support providers in their strategic planning endeavours through the sharing of useful information about our services, as well as market insights.   

“These sessions also provide an avenue for us to understand more about our customers. We will be hosting more of these sessions in the coming months so please keep an eye out for the invitation”, added Wendy.  

For the launch session, Nick Sinclair, ENZ’s Global Brand Manager presented on the international advertising campaign: Learn New Every Day, and talked about the campaign rationale, channels and target markets, and campaign assets as well as where and how the sector can use these. 

In the second Insights Accelerator, ENZ’s Director Insights Marie Clark presented information on ENZ Intellilab, including 2023 Ministry of Education Student Enrolment Data. Marie shared how providers can access Intellilab and the range of information available. The session also looked at the survey findings from the 2023 New Zealanders’ perceptions of the value of international education research and 2023 International Students Experience research. 

If anyone missed the sessions, the slide pack and presentation can be accessed via the links below.  

For further information, please contact Jane Yang, ENZ Business Development Managerjane.yang@enz.govt.nz 

  • Insights Accelerator – 3 things in 30 minutes – Learn New Every Day presentation slides can be accessed here / video here. 

  • Insights Accelerator – 3 things in 30 minutes – Intellilab presentation slides can be accessed here/ video here.  

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