12 April 2017 at 9:00 am

Intelligence portal in the pipeline

ENZ has begun development on an intelligence portal that will provide high-quality information and market intelligence to international education providers.

“We’re calling it ‘IntelliLab’ – similar in concept to the SkillsLab and BrandLab but providing vital data and market intelligence,” said ENZ Intelligence Manager, Andrew McPhee. 

“We plan to roll out IntelliLab in a phased approach, starting with a launch at NZIEC in August 2017.”

Andrew said IntelliLab will provide a secure, one-stop-shop to a wide variety of existing ENZ intelligence, research products and third-party market intelligence reports. Subsequent developments will provide a more interactive experience, with customised dashboards and searches.

Providers will be able to use IntelliLab via a single log-in that will also give them access to ENZ’s SkillsLab and BrandLab.

ENZ will shortly begin approaching potential IntelliLab users to participate in a workshop. This will help ensure that the portal delivers the information that providers and agencies need to better inform their work.

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