30 August 2017 at 9:00 am

IntelliLab launched at NZIEC

The IntelliLab portal offers industry and government access to high-quality information and market intelligence, including research products and third-party market intelligence reports.

Further developments to the portal will provide a more interactive experience, with customised dashboards and searches.

Providers will be able to use IntelliLab via a single log-in that will also give them access to ENZ’s SkillsLab and BrandLab.

ENZ’s Intelligence Manager Andrew McPhee described the response from industry users as overwhelmingly positive.  

“The recently released New Zealand International Education Snapshot (2016 full-year report) is available on IntelliLab and is proving very popular with users,” he said. 

Interactive tools on the portal include TED (The Enrolments Data), which enables users to access and analyse student numbers over the past five years by market, sector, and region. 

Shortly, TED will be joined by ELF, a tool that will enable users to sort student numbers by level and field of study.

All previously available student number resources (visa dashboards and student visa trends) will continue to be offered on IntelliLab under the ‘Student Numbers’ tab without users needing to register.

You can access Intellilab on this link and either register through the Registration link on the homepage header or be prompted to register when first trying to download a document via the site.

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