10 May 2017 at 9:00 am

International IT graduates connect with industry

Twenty-five international IT graduates discussed work opportunities with local employers, at a April networking event organised by ATEED.

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IT graduates take to the stage to make their pitch


  • Work-ready programmes are a great way to connect employers with local talent

Each of the international graduates delivered a 60-second pitch to the room, followed by an informal networking session to talk further with employers about work opportunities.

The event was organised by ATEED (Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development).

The graduates are participating in a 12-week software development boot camp delivered by Industry Connect, an initiative that prepares graduates for the New Zealand IT market. Each student received a full scholarship, thanks to a joint funding agreement between ATEED, ENZ and Immigration New Zealand. Five graduates from the programme have already secured permanent jobs in the tech sector.

Study Auckland Manager, Nick Arnott, said through these networking events, ATEED hopes to retain the best international graduates in the region by promoting skilled employment pathways – particularly in high-growth sectors such as IT.

“It's great to see the graduates throw themselves into networking with employers, and also to see how interested the employers were in hiring diverse talent,” said Nick.

"It really showcased the human side of the work ATEED is doing to transition international graduates into skilled employment.”

CVs of the international graduates

CVs of international graduates

Greg Scott, ENZ’s General Manager, Industry Development said the programme is indicative of a wider change happening in international education.

“International students are starting to seek more from their education than just a qualification – career outcomes, soft skills, and work experience are more likely to sway their decision on which location and institution they should choose for study.”

Greg said the number of employers attending the networking event was a testament to the growing interest in talented international graduates.

“More and more employers are seeking people that aren’t only tech savvy but have cultural knowledge and language skills too.

“It demonstrates that Auckland's tech sector is hungry for skilled international graduates. Most likely, other sectors are too.”

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