26 January 2022 at 9:30 am

International Pathway Programme for Indonesian business students

A new education partnership between Indonesia’s i3L School of Business and the University of Canterbury was finalised in November 2021.

The partnership, named the International Pathway Programme (IPP) in Businesswill allow students in Indonesia to complete their first year of study with i3L School of Business, and then progress directly into the second and third year of study under the University of Canterbury’s Bachelor of Commerce programme.

ENZ’s Regional Director, Asia, Ben Burrowes, said the partnership marks an important milestone in New Zealand’s relationship with Indonesia in the education sector.  

“We look forward to witnessing how the skillsets and knowledge of both student communities will merge to create a more well-rounded and enriching learning experience. We highly value our international education partners, and we hope to establish more such partnerships in Indonesia,” Mr Burrowes said.  

i3L School of Business’s Vice Rector of Admissions, Marketing and Institutional Development, Dr Tjong Budi Santoso, said the launch of the partnership is momentous for the institution.  

“It has always been a goal of ours to empower students by presenting them with the opportunity to further their studies in International Business in some of the world’s best universities, such as University of Canterbury. This marks the first time that we are partnering with an esteemed New Zealand university, and we look forward to building our working relationship with New Zealand and its educational institutions even further.” 

University of Canterbury Business School’s Internationalisation Director, William Shannoncommented, “The importance of having international experience and connections is highly crucial today as more business is conducted on a global scale.  

“We hope that both student communities will benefit greatly from this programme and can contribute even further to the future economy and society of both New Zealand and Indonesia.”  

This education pathway to the University of Canterbury is now open for applications with the first intake starting in September 2022.

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