9 November 2016 at 9:00 am

International students learn how to crack job interviews

Late October saw the Auckland Central Police Station organise mock job interviews for a group of 40 International Student Ambassadors (ISA).

ISA 2 26 Oct 2016

The ISA members have attended monthly meetings with the police throughout 2016, as part of an Ambassador programme designed to build awareness of crime prevention methods for students.

Jessica Phuang, Auckland City District NZ Police Asian Liaison Coordinator, said the mock job interviews were set up to show appreciation for the students’ involvement in the programme, as many of them will soon be graduating and searching for jobs.

“Some students were taken aback, especially with problem-solving questions which are not common practice in their own countries,” said Phuang.

The mock interviews were set up in the style of speed-dating, with Auckland Presbyterian Church generously lending its hall for the event.

ISA 4 26 Oct 2016Interviewers included school providers, church members, community volunteers, and police Inspectors.

Each ISA member was interviewed for eight minutes, followed by two minutes of feedback on their answers, their CV and body language – before moving on to the next interviewer. 

Common feedback from interviewers was that students had a tendency to expose their weaknesses, a cultural practice to demonstrate modesty, Phuang said. 

“The interviewers encouraged the students to share their strengths, and demonstrated how to do this without being seen as ‘blowing their own trumpet’.” 

The ISA programme is an Auckland-based police initiative that raises issues connected with safety for international students. The initiative was also launched in Wellington in September.

ISA 26 Oct 2016

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