22 May 2019 at 9:00 am

Introducing NauMai NZ

International students now have a new online platform to help them navigate the first months of living and studying in New Zealand

naumai nz introduction

ENZ Chief Executive Grant McPherson is pleased to announce the launch today of a new digital platform, NauMai NZ, to support international students as they transition to a new culture and life in New Zealand. 

NauMai NZ reflects the Māori concept of manaakitanga, Grant said.

“Our culture of care and respect for all visitors is incredibly important. We are therefore delighted to launch this first phase of NauMai NZ, which supports the first six months of the international student journey, a time when students need extra help.

“We are proud that the majority of students have a fantastic, often life-changing, time in New Zealand. We want this to be the case for every student.”

The content and design of NauMai NZ is the result of research-based insight. It includes advice on working in New Zealand, culture and lifestyle, accommodation, healthcare and wellbeing services. 

“Students have been telling us that they need to know where to get reliable, up-to-date information about living and studying in New Zealand, and NauMai NZ provides this. 

“This is a generation that is online 24/7 – and NauMai NZ has been designed to provide useful information at their fingertips.”

The first phase of NauMai NZ provides a trusted government source of information that students need in a clear and accessible way. Ultimately, the platform will provide personalised support for students throughout their study, extending beyond graduation to work and a career.

“It is a privilege to host visiting students and we all have a responsibility to look after them.”  

The New Zealand International Education Strategy 2018-2030 was launched in August 2018. NauMai NZ aligns with an action in the Strategy – to improve the availability of clear, timely and customer-focused information about education and immigration to students and providers.

NauMai NZ also embodies the objectives of New Zealand’s International Student Wellbeing Strategy by providing content connected with the social, cultural, community, health and wellbeing needs of international students.

The development of NauMai NZ is being led by ENZ in collaboration with Immigration New Zealand, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Ministry of Education, and the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

The platform is fully integrated with ENZ’s wider digital ecosystem, including its platform and analytics capability, providing a new layer of support for the international student journey. 

Visit NauMai NZ here: https://naumainz.studyinnewzealand.govt.nz/

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