13 September 2017 at 9:00 am

Journey to transformational student experience

How can we move from a good to great international student experience?

To tackle this challenge, ENZ and Study Auckland recently undertook an International Student Experience design project. 

The goal of the design project was to provide detailed international student experience insights that can help education institutions lift their student satisfaction and referral rates, says ENZ Director of Student Experience, Hayley Shields.

Four areas of opportunity were prioritised: information provision, employability, social connectivity and shared values. From these, guiding principles were developed for how international students’ needs can be addressed to create unique value to the student experience in these areas. 

Hayley says the New Zealand industry needs to focus beyond the on-campus experience.

“International students come to New Zealand to experience life beyond their studies and to grow as individuals.

“In true manaakitanga spirit, if we want to host, care for and respect our international students, we need to design programmes that are student centred.” 

As part of the report, more than 80 face-to-face conversations were undertaken with students, business people and local community representatives. The students interviewed came from 16 countries in Asia, Latin America and North America. 

The findings of the report were also informed by a wide range of international research projects which featured insights from leading global surveys on international student, parental and employer expectations.

The full report can now be accessed in IntelliLab here.

Rugby Have a Go Day

 An example of an off-campus student experience was Study Auckland’s Rugby Have-a-Go Day for international students in July, where All Blacks players taught basic rugby skills. Through this, international students had a taste of Kiwi culture, and learned how rugby’s values can help form bonds and leadership skills. You can read more about the experience here. 

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