24 November 2022 at 10:30 am

Launching Te Pūkenga internationally 

Te Pūkenga – New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology has recently wrapped up a series of events in key countries around the world to launch its international strategy.  

Te Pukenga

The series began in late May 2022 with the launch of its strategy by Education Minister Chris Hipkins at NAFSA. Since then, Te Pūkenga has continued working with Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao (ENZ), to introduce Te Pūkenga to offshore education agents and other key international stakeholders, building on existing events whenever possible.  

The establishment of Te Pūkenga, and the opportunities presented by its size and scale have been a key focus at these events. Te Pūkenga is now the largest tertiary provider in New Zealand, and the 35th largest in the world. The events have also been a great way to bring partners together, to reconnect and to acknowledge the tough years that all have recently endured.  

Te Pūkenga emphasised that its size and scale together with having a single national brand enable it to act as one, to invest strategically, and to communicate effectively and deliberately the quality of its applied education delivery on the global stage – something all partners were clearly excited about hearing. It is striving to achieve a balanced portfolio of inbound, outbound, online, offshore and work-based education delivery. 

A special shout out to ENZ’s international teams that assisted Te Pūkenga on the events and worked with other NZ Inc agencies, particularly where ENZ events weren’t planned. These included hosting events at the New Zealand High Commission in India and the New Zealand Embassies in the Philippines and Japan. 

To sum up with a quote from the Philippines’ launch event ‘Ko te pae tawhiti whāia kia tata, ko te pae tata whakamaua kia tina / Seek out distant horizons and celebrate those you have attained’. 

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