9 November 2016 at 9:00 am

Letter from the CE: $4.28 billion valuation a great result

The Economic Impact of International Education: 2015/2016 report was launched yesterday, and shows the value of international education rose to $4.28 billion – a 50 per cent increase from the $2.85 billion figure when the sector was last formally measured in 2014.

This places international education (onshore and offshore delivery) as New Zealand’s fourth largest export industry, and puts us well on the way to achieving our goal of a $5 billion economic value by 2025.

This achievement belongs to our education providers for delivering high-quality education programmes, the government bodies who work together and keep student well-being at the heart of the industry, and the Kiwis who welcome young people from around the globe into their homes and communities. This is what keeps bringing students to our shores.

As we know, economic contribution is just one aspect of international education, with the social and cultural benefits (though harder to quantify) being equally important.

International education connects New Zealanders with the world in a personal and meaningful way, and provides a global perspective to our institutions and communities. International students bring a rich cultural diversity, and allow Kiwi students to learn about the world by bringing the world to them. Students are exposed to different ways of thinking and looking at things, helping them to become more outward-looking and accepting of other cultures.

Of course, international education is a two-way flow. While New Zealanders are increasingly aware of the benefits of having international students here, there is ample opportunity for young Kiwis to go out into the world and experience the benefits of international education for themselves. This, I hope, will be a growing focus for the industry.

The new valuation is a clear reflection of New Zealand’s successful approach for both providers and students. It also demonstrates that great things that can happen when we work together. Let’s keep working together for the benefit of all.

Grant McPherson photo edit6Grant McPherson 

Chief Executive, Education New Zealand




The Economic Impact of International Education Report for 2015/16 and its key findings can be found here.

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