7 November 2018 at 9:00 am

Letter from the CE: Kiwis see the benefits of international education

The 2018 New Zealanders’ Perceptions of International Education Survey shows Kiwis increasingly recognise the broad benefits of international education. This, on the back of the $5.1 billion economic valuation announced last week, is cause for celebration.

The 2018 Perceptions research announced today tells us that an increasing number of Kiwis value the sector, which is great news. More New Zealanders can see how international students impact on more than just the education provider they are attached to.

Some of the key findings include that 73% of New Zealanders believe international education benefits New Zealand tourism, 62% believe it benefits our economy and 61% believe it benefits our international networks and trading connections.

These positive perceptions are growing – more New Zealanders noted these benefits than in previous years.

This is a fantastic result and reflects the hard work undertaken by education providers, regional bodies, government agencies, students and the many other champions of our sector who tell our story and showcase the many ways international education enhances our country.

The Perceptions research findings come on top of the $5.1 billion valuation announced last week, which places international education as New Zealand’s fourth largest export industry – one that also supports close to 50,000 jobs.

Taken together, these reports show an increased understanding among New Zealanders of how international education can help to build New Zealand's global linkages, fill skill shortages, enrich our cultural diversity and grow our regional economies.

I’m optimistic that this understanding will grow and, by looking to the International Education Strategy to guide us, our sector can continue to deliver for all New Zealanders and provide meaningful experiences for international students.

For more information on the Perceptions research, click here.

For more information on the economic valuation, click here.


Grant McPherson

Chief Executive, Education New Zealand

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