6 December 2018 at 9:00 am

Letter from the CE: Updating ENZ's business model

Education New Zealand is currently working through a change process to ensure our business model is aligned with the New Zealand International Education Strategy.

Since its launch in August by Minister Chris Hipkins, ENZ has been reviewing our operational structure and approach to ensure they’re consistent with both the Strategy’s objectives as well as the Minister’s Letter of Expectations.

Our review has also been informed by industry surveys and discussions with staff.

We’re working to maximise international education’s benefit to New Zealand. We need to optimise current opportunities to build a sustainable future for the sector and to create new opportunities for growth.

Coming out of the review, we have established some new and revised roles at ENZ. We are recruiting (internally and externally) for the following senior positions – please go to ENZ’s Careers page for more information on the roles and how to apply:

  • General Manager Strategy, Insight and Planning – this senior leadership role will be responsible for all strategic projects related to future-focused thinking and implementation, business intelligence and insights, and ENZ planning and performance.

  • General Manager Industry and Students – this senior leadership role will be responsible for strengthening the connections between education providers and international students by bringing together ENZ’s international marketing, brand development, industry development and channels teams.

  • Director, Industry – this role will be responsible for leading and managing initiatives to build the capability and capacity of New Zealand’s international education industry.

  • Director, Greater China – this China-based role will be responsible for managing, leading and supporting ENZ’s China teams and leveraging opportunities with other NZ Inc agencies both in-market and New Zealand to promote New Zealand education.

With the approach of Christmas and New Zealand’s summer holiday period, we have decided to leave the application period open till 9am, Tuesday 22 January 2019.

This change process will be ongoing over the next few months and we will keep you informed throughout.


Grant McPherson

Chief Executive, Education New Zealand

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