30 August 2017 at 9:00 am

Mapping emerging trends in education

Who is the student of the future? What products and services will they need and how will providers continue to meet the changing needs of students? These were two of the questions participants wrestled with at NZIEC in a ‘Crowdsource Café – Emerging trends and developments’ session by John Laxon and Paul Irwin.

crowdsource cafe
This Crowdsource café session had participants discussing big issues such as needs of future learners.

ENZ General Manager – Student Marketing, Paul Irwin, said attendees really enjoyed tackling these big issues during the Crowdsource Café session. 

“Our audience uncovered some really interesting themes and thoughts for us all to reflect on. Ideas included focusing less on competition and more on collaboration, for example the opportunity to build your own degree across New Zealand.

“We also talked about how everyone is the student of the future.  There will be more opportunities for lifelong learning and there will be a greater need to upskill due to automation,” Paul said.

ENZ Regional Director – South Asia, South East Asia and Middle East, John Laxon said participants also agreed that the learner of the future will prefer personalised, flexible learning.

“The modes of delivery will change as we move towards students being able to learn anywhere, anytime. 

“Another theme that came through was a move towards offering shorter programmes, targeting life-long learners.”

John said there was great discussion about moving towards diversified, individualised learning programmes that are globally recognised.

“It’s definitely an exciting time to be involved in international education,” he said.

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