25 June 2020 at 9:00 am

Massey University’s virtual exchange programme a first for New Zealand

Under Massey’s reciprocal arrangement with the University of North Georgia in the USA, students from either institution can enrol in online courses at the other while still paying domestic fees.


The first virtual exchange with the University of North Georgia (UNG) began in the first semester of 2020. It focuses on Defence and Security Studies courses at both institutions. 

“Students benefit by being able to take unique courses for no additional fees from an overseas partner while continuing their studies at their home institution,” Massey University’s Manager of Student Mobility, Greg Huff, says. “The universities benefit by being able to expand their offering of courses and subject areas, while also building linkages with other international partners.”

Massey University worked with the Ministry of Education to create New Zealand’s first virtual exchange scheme in 2019, before the effects of COVID-19 began to be felt in the international education sector.

Huff says the exchange began as a way to expand and enhance its students’ academic experiences. Massey expects the demand for virtual exchange opportunities to grow as tertiary providers around the globe continue responding to changes brought on by the pandemic.

“As the demand for virtual learning opportunities increases due to COVID-19, this is a great opportunity for an institution with a proven track record in the virtual learning space to show institutions around the world what Massey and other New Zealand providers have to offer.” ENZ’s Director of Engagement in the US, DuBois Jennings.

Other New Zealand institutions can also benefit by using the structure approved by the Ministry of Education to set up their own virtual exchanges.

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