10 April 2019 at 9:00 am

New campaign focuses on new paths

New Zealand’s teaching style, learning environment and unique cultural values will be the focus of ENZ’s new global digital campaign New Futures Need New Paths, launching on 15 April.

New Futures Need New Paths image
German student Alexandra Lischka is studying at AUT , doing a PhD assessing heavy metals in New Zealand pelagic squids and pilot whales.

The integrated global campaign aims to engage ENZ’s existing audiences across our database and social media channels, and to raise brand awareness with new audiences, particularly reaching those who are actively seeking out information about studying in New Zealand.

Kaylee Butters, ENZ’s Director, Brand & Design, says New Futures Need New Paths builds on the messaging introduced in the 2018 Future Proof campaigns, while aligning with ENZ’s refreshed Think New brand strategy, which will be launched later this year.

“Our overarching campaign message is that a New Zealand education provides students with the skills required to excel in their future careers and create a positive impact in their world,” said Kaylee.

The campaign draws on New Zealand’s strengths in educating students for the Future.

In both 2017 and 2018, New Zealand has been ranked among the top three countries in the world in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Educating for the Future Index.

“Our teaching style and learning environment, alongside our unique cultural values, make us the perfect destination for students who think differently and wish to forge their own paths,” said Kaylee.

The 2018 World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report highlights analytical thinking and innovation, active learning and learning strategies, creativity, originality and initiative as some of the top skills that will be in demand in the near future.

To support the campaign, ENZ is creating three compelling hero videos that speak to the campaign theme, featuring three international PhD students with visions of a more sustainable future. Conducting research in the fields of marine biology, conservation and renewable energy, their paths have all brought them to New Zealand because of the unique opportunities they have here that will help them pursue their goals.

“We encourage education providers to use the campaign assets and key campaign messages/themes in your marketing activity,” said Kaylee.

Videos, images and infographics as well as tips on how to leverage this campaign will feature on The Brand Lab for New Zealand education providers and ENZ Recognised Agencies to use in marketing activity, including on websites, social media and at events.

For more information about the campaign click here.

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