20 September 2019 at 12:00 am

New resource to support international student wellbeing


A mental health resource to assist staff working with international secondary school students has been created by the Schools International Education Business Association (SIEBA).

In response to the Government's International Student Wellbeing Strategy, SIEBA undertook a review of the mental health and wellbeing resources for international students last year. Acknowledging that this can be a sensitive and complex topic, they identified the need for a go-to resource to help front-line school staff with issues that may affect international students.  

This free resource, on the SIEBA website, is available to all New Zealand providers and includes information on common mental health issues, barriers that may prevent international students from seeking support and downloadable resources. It is designed to complement work currently undertaken in schools and elsewhere.  

SIEBA Executive Director, John van der Zwan, says the support for mental health and wellbeing is important for all students and those moving countries and cultures may face extra challenges.  

This resource will build capacity and capability in the sector, helping staff support international students and ensuring they have an excellent educational experience in New Zealand. 

SIEBA developed the content in close consultation with a range of health care providers. It is not intended to replace professional medical advice but to assist school staff to identify possible issues and enable them to direct students to the appropriate professional services. 

While initially designed for secondary school staff, SIEBA plans to expand the resource and share it on other platforms in the future. Click here to browse SIEBA's mental health resource kit.  

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