24 May 2017 at 9:00 am

Online applications best for student visas

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is making an important change to its student visa application process, phasing out paper applications in favour of online applications.

INZ Sector Relationship Manager (Education), Celia Coombes, says INZ is asking all providers to actively encourage students to make student visa applications through the online application system (or on campus through a Students Online partner provider), rather than via paper applications.

“Immigration Online is faster and cheaper than a paper application and provides students with an eVisa,” says Celia.

“It’s a good idea to get in the habit of encouraging students towards these channels, because in the near future paper applications will be phased out.”

INZ is also asking Auckland-based providers to alert students to a local “drop box” closure at INZ’s Auckland Office (280 Queen Street). The drop box allows students to leave paper visa applications there for transfer to Palmerston North for processing. However, from 31 May 2017 this service will be removed and students will be responsible for sending their application themselves.

Celia says the best option is to apply through the online application channels. However, any students still using the paper form must send this directly to:

Student Visa Applications
Immigration New Zealand
Level 5, 65 Rangitikei Street
PO Box 1049
Palmerston North

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