17 February 2023 at 1:47 pm

PIF Recipient: Connect2NZ

A new partnership between the University of Canterbury, Lincoln University and Media Design School is developing a new way for students to experience New Zealand content online without travelling to Aotearoa. 

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Connect2NZ aims to show that tertiary education providers can work with government agencies to build a framework for international learners that is innovative, future focused, and learner-centric.     

Connect2NZ’s target audience is professionals, living outside New Zealand, who are seeking skills development in emerging sectors. Work has been undertaken to determine learner needs and match those with areas where New Zealand is strong. The project will design and deliver micro-learning and short courses which have pathways, allowing these learners to study from a group of courses to achieve their desired career outcomes. Potential topics include technology, leadership, health and wellness, food and agritech, energy, tourism, design and natural hazards. Our goal is to eventually extend our offerings to degree qualifications.  

"What excites me the most about the Connect2NZ project is the exploration of potential new offshore/online markets. In particular, the global lifelong learner market which is huge and to date not well served by some of the fantastic educational offerings available from the New Zealand Higher Education sector, "  

Professor Mick Grimley, Dean of Future Learning and Development, University of Canterbury 

Some of these courses will be delivered by one provider partner, while others will be jointly designed and delivered. The number of tertiary education providers is expected to grow following consultation with government agencies and community outreach.    

The pilot project is supported by Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao (ENZ). Through its International Education Product Innovation Fund, ENZ is supporting a range of pilot projects that reimagine how a New Zealand education can engage and inspire international learners and create impact through new delivery modes, approaches and partnerships.  

"Connect2NZ breaks the mold by uniting our organizational strengths in solving a challenging problem. When we prove success, the value add is a model other institutions can follow". 

Dr David Dannenberg, Director of Learning, Teaching and Library, Lincoln University.



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