3 August 2016 at 9:00 am

Putting us in their hearts and on their maps

Education New Zealand (ENZ) recently organised a series of key influencer familiarisation tours.

Colombian Agents in Queenstown
Colombian agents enjoy Queenstown.

Some 21 agents from Brazil, Colombia, South Korea and Saudi Arabia were treated to tours of New Zealand’s special places. 

ENZ's regional and international teams organised the programmes and toured with the agents over May and June.

“The agents really enjoyed and appreciated the chance to learn about education in New Zealand, meet current international students and understand the distinctive regional offerings for students across all of New Zealand,” said Greg Scott, ENZ Regional Programme Manager.

The tours included stops in Taranaki, Nelson, Canterbury, Waiuku, Hamilton, Dunedin, Queenstown, Napier, Wellington and Auckland.

Each tour contained lots of interactive activities and emphasised education pathways and applied learning and creative technologies.

Brazilian agent and student at school in Dunedin 2

The potential benefit to raising the profile of a New Zealand education amongst all these markets is immense.

“The Korean agents indicated that their understanding has greatly increased of everything New Zealand has to offer,” said Tania Woodcock, International Market Manager, China, Korea and Japan.

“So far, the feedback from the participating agents has been extremely positive and genuine,” said Sarah Gauthier, Regional Project Manager. 

“We ensured the agents enjoyed themselves and their time in New Zealand – so that they could speak authentically to prospective international students and their families about the value of a New Zealand education.” 

ENZ was seeing lots of photos of New Zealand on the agents’ social media feeds and their agencies’ websites.

“This type of engagement with New Zealand post-famil is great,” said Sahinde Pala, Regional Project Manager. “It shows the impact we made on the agents, and their commitment to promoting New Zealand education.”

Korean Agents enjoy the Nelson Sunshine 2

“We’d like to thank all the people, organisations and regional groups who supported these famils,” said Sarah. 

“It was a true Team New Zealand effort. We appreciated the time everyone took to host us, meet with the agents, organise tours and ensure that relevant international students were available to speak to the agents in their own language. 

“There’s nothing like hearing why New Zealand is such a great place to be a student than from real international students.  By speaking about their study, lifestyle and work opportunities, the tours were really brought to life.” 

For more information contact Sarah Gauthier, Regional Project Manager, sarah.gauthier@enz.govt.nz

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