13 February 2017 at 9:00 am

Student Visa Dashboard for October 2016

The Student Visa Dashboard is a monthly report on inbound international student trends compiled from Immigration New Zealand data.

Student visas only capture students who enter New Zealand with a student visa. These students are mostly those who are planning to study for more than three months.

Student visa data is a reliable indicator of whether students are entering, remaining or leaving New Zealand. The dashboard contains detailed tables and graphs on the numbers of both first-time and total international student visas issued, with commentary on the trends to date.

The October 2016 dashboard includes summary level trends comparing to the three year average, year-to-date and the same month in the previous year. It also includes more detailed breakdowns by markets, sectors and regions focusing on year-to-date and monthly trends.

Download the Student Visa Dashboard for October 2016.

Please feel free to send feedback to intelligence@enz.govt.nz

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