15 September 2020 at 9:00 am

Summer plans: what students need to know

As the end of the academic year nears, students who would normally be returning home this summer are making decisions about whether to leave New Zealand, pick up courses over the break, or extend their study.

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Under current border settings, tertiary-level international students will need to make careful and informed decisions about their plans for the summer period.

Any international student who chooses to return home (or otherwise leave New Zealand) over the summer break needs to be aware that they are not eligible to re-enter the country to continue study in early 2021 under current border settings. Students facing hardship will need to reconsider whether they should continue to stay in New Zealand or are better to return home.

International students currently in New Zealand who intend to continue to study in 2021 have the following options at the end of this academic year: 

  • Remain here over the break and continue their New Zealand study next year
  • Find additional summer school study programmes
  • Return home and continue their New Zealand study online next year, if their institution supports this option
  • Return home and cease their New Zealand study.

Study providers are asked to ensure they are familiar with their ongoing Code obligations over the summer period, and to assist students to understand their options.

Read more about the responsibilities providers have under the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016.

Education New Zealand wants to complement and spread the word about the excellent work the sector and regional economic development agencies are all currently undertaking.

We are also mindful that remaining in New Zealand will bring challenges for students and so supporting student connection and wellbeing is also a focus over this time.

At ENZ we are:

  • Creating new NauMai NZ pages, specifically aimed towards keeping students in New Zealand over the summer.
    • The aim of these pages is to provide a central repository of activities and opportunities, addressing key themes of study, recreation, skill development, and connection with other students.
    • They will signpost out to activity happening at a regional and national level, as well as highlighting ENZ-led online initiatives.
    • These pages will be live at the end of September
  • Hosting a Summer in NZ online virtual fair for international students in NZ on 31 October, where regions and contributing organisations will have a chance to showcase summer activities that they are developing and delivering. Students will be able to register via NauMai NZ at the beginning of October.
  • Activating a variety of communications channels to direct students to NauMai NZ and the Summer in NZ fair to maximise awareness of summer opportunities and to gently encourage consideration of further study to those whose programmes may be finishing.
  • Facilitating online events and opportunities to support student wellbeing and connection over the summer period.

We look forward to showcasing the fantastic experiences for students here in New Zealand over summer 2020/2021, building their capability, and supporting their wellbeing and connection to Aotearoa New Zealand. Further information will be available in the coming weeks.

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