16 August 2017 at 9:00 am

Summerland Primary joins SIEBA

Summerland Primary in West Auckland has recently become part of SIEBA’s primary school programme.

from Robbie Pickford3
Students at Summerland Primary School

The programme, supported by ENZ, helps to grow international programmes at smaller schools that don’t have the resources and capabilities to do it on their own.

By centralising administration of international programmes, schools can focus on the educational and pastoral aspects.

Barb Dysart, a Co-Principal of Summerland Primary, said as a school new to the sector, creating networks, administering programmes and managing all the paperwork on their own was a challenge.

“We had no time to market our school and we were reliant on ‘word of mouth’ or agents to bring international students.” 

Barb says working with SIEBA made it easy to enrol prospective students, and provided clarity and good practice around the policies and procedures.

“With SIEBA’s involvement, we’ve seen a large increase in international students attending our school – in part because of our confidence and ease in the process.

“If we are unsure of any situation, SIEBA is an email away. With their advice and support, we are able to focus on what we do best – teaching.”

Richard Kyle, ENZ Business Development Manager, said for many schools the work load of managing an international programme often fell on already busy principals or senior staff. This was a barrier to get more actively involved.

“SIEBA already has the insight and expertise so reaching out to them saves schools from having to reinvent the wheel,” said Richard.

“Welcoming international students to your school is a big commitment, and to make it sustainable and as stress-free as possible, peak bodies such as SIEBA can be a big help.”

To find out more about SIEBA’s primary schools programme, please contact Robbie Pickford, Project Manager: robbie@sieba.nz

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