23 May 2018 at 9:00 am

Talking employment rights with international students

International Travel College invited Migrant Workers Association of Aotearoa spokesperson Anu Kaloti to discuss work rights with international students this month.  

ITC International Student Lunch May 9 1024x701
Anu Kaloti (front left) with ITC international students.

Lesley Brough, International Travel College (ITC)’s International Marketing Manager, welcomed Ms Kaloti to an international student lunch where Ms Kaloti spoke in detail about New Zealand employment rights, including contracts and the minimum wage and what to look out for to avoid exploitation.

“Ms Kaloti’s message reinforced several of our values like inclusivity, fairness, and diversity,” said Lesley.

“While ITC covers these important topics on a regular basis, it was good for international students to hear the same messages from an independent, unaffiliated organisation.

“Now our students know they can also reach out to the Migrant Workers Association if they would like further support or guidance.”

Ms Kaloti encouraged students to discuss these issues with their friends as they could be happening to someone they know.

“It’s really important that our students feel empowered about their rights in New Zealand and are compelled to share this knowledge with their friends and family,” said Lesley.

“The more we can raise awareness about these issues, the less likely it is that exploitation will occur.”

Education providers interested in having Anu Kaloti speak at their institute can email migrantworkersnz@gmail.com.

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