14 November 2019 at 9:00 am

Update from Immigration New Zealand

A brief update as part of ENZ’s joint work programme with Immigration New Zealand. 


Planning for the next student visa application peak

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is now entering the next peak of student visa applications. 

INZ say they are in a good space to process the predicted volume of student visa applications. As part of planning, they have validated their predicted numbers of applications with the sector.  

"Thanks to the sector peak bodies who circulated the survey on our behalf, we received 99 responses and now have information on the numbers of offers of place already issued to potential students. This has helped us match our resources to the predicted volume for the peak,” INZ National Manager Education and Tourism Jeannie Melville says.

“The queue of student applications from earlier this year has been cleared in Mumbai. Applications are now being allocated to an Immigration Officer for assessment within ten working days.”

Getting applications in early

INZ strongly recommends potential students continue to submit their applications as early as possible – at least eight weeks ahead of a person’s intended travel date.

However, applications can be submitted up to four months ahead of intended travel.

First time visa application checklist

There is now a checklist available to help people submitting a student visa application for the first time. It provides guidance on what they need to do to ensure they are submitting a decision-ready application, which should reduce the likelihood of it missing information.

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