2 August 2017 at 9:00 am

US series studies Massey education

Massey University will feature in Higher Education Today, an award-winning American television show which highlights interesting educational programmes and research around the world.

Higher education today 20170002 2
L-R: Host Steven Roy Goodman, with production staff Graeme Ninness and David Wiltshire from the Massey External Relations and Development team.

Four half-hour TV segments and YouTube clips profile Massey’s education and research expertise in food safety, New Zealand society, aviation and veterinary medicine.

Filming took place at the Manawatu campus in early July, and will be broadcast on America’s East Coast in August.

US host, educational consultant and author Steven Roy Goodman has visited countries all around the world, portraying different aspects of the university sector. However, this is his first time filming in the Southern Hemisphere. The series has screened 123 episodes to date.

“It’s an educational show where I aim to bring the ideas and news of universities around the world to the general public in the best way I can,” said Steven.

Steven singled out the veterinary medicine discussion as one that would be of particular interest to students from the United States because of the Massey Veterinary School’s American Veterinary and Medical Association (AVMA) accreditation.

Steven was also fascinated by the discussion on New Zealand society and Massey’s new BA degree with the head of the School of Māori Art, Knowledge and Education (Te Pūtahi-a-Toi) Professor Meihana Durie, and Pro Vice-Chancellor of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Distinguished Professor Paul Spoonley.

“For me the discussion on New Zealand society was particularly eye-opening and not at all what I originally envisioned – I don’t think people in the US know a great deal about New Zealand society, but I think they will be introduced to it now,” said Steven.

Project leader and International Development Manager for Massey, Bruce Graham, says the project will help promote Massey’s research, Study Abroad opportunities and specialist degree programmes in the US.

“This will also add to the growing reputation of New Zealand’s wider university sector, and the capability and expertise of these institutions.”

The TV episodes can be found on YouTube, and will also be included in Massey’s webpages and social media sites. You can view them below:

Higher Education Today - Food Safety

Higher Education Today - New Zealand Society

HIgher Education Today - Veterinary Medicine

Higher Education Today - Careers In Aviation

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