28 February 2018 at 9:00 am

US students arrive in New Zealand

The 18 recipients of the Generation Study Abroad (GSA) awards and other US scholarship winners have begun their New Zealand study adventure at their chosen universities and ITPs. 

Josh GoOverseas winner in NZ
US student and Go Overseas winner Josh Golden has arrived in New Zealand.

Amy Rutherford, ENZ’s Director of Education, North America, said studying in New Zealand will be a life-changing experience for these students, and will hopefully create more Kiwi ambassadors in the US.

“We’re working hard in the US to raise the profile of New Zealand as a high-quality education destination, and authentic stories from students who have studied in New Zealand are a great way to do that,” said Amy.

“We also want to see a more diverse group of US students having overseas experiences, and these scholarships are an excellent first step.”

Taylor Weckstein, one of the recipients of the GSA Awards, is studying at the University of Otago. She chose New Zealand as a way to follow in her grandfather’s tracks – literally. After learning about the great hikes he did in New Zealand many years ago, she wanted to share the experience.

US student Josh Golden, the recipient of the Go Overseas New Zealand scholarship, has also begun his semester at the University of Canterbury. As a marine science major with biology and environmental science minors, he wants to explore the geography and wildlife of New Zealand.

“I am simultaneously excited and nervous. I expect to be mesmerized by New Zealand’s natural beauty and culture. I can’t wait to live as a Kiwi this semester!” 

Gilman Scholar Angel Geller has also arrived in New Zealand. Her scholarship came from a partnership between ENZ and the US Department of State, which is aimed at diversifying the kinds of students studying internationally.

Angel will explore Māori culture and tribal politics at the University of Waikato and compare them with her experience growing up with UmonHon, her indigenous tribe in Nebraska.

“I did extensive research to find a host site with indigenous-relevant classes on topics from history to language. The University of Waikato has this, as well as resources on how to connect with community members, and a significant Māori student population who I will have as my peers,” said Angel.

You can follow the study adventures of our Kiwi Ambassadors on the Study in New Zealand Instagram, YouTube and Blog.

For more information on scholarships for US students please contact ENZ’s US team, Amy Rutherford or Alanna Dick.

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