21 June 2017 at 9:00 am

Visa advice for international graduates

The Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA) is asking providers to encourage international students considering their visa options to seek authorised advice.

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Catherine Albiston, Registrar of the IAA, says that any students seeking immigration advice about their options to stay in New Zealand following their studies must use an Immigration Adviser licensed by the IAA, or an exempt person such as a New Zealand lawyer.

“If students need personalised immigration help, it is important they only seek it from people who can legally give it,” says Catherine.

“Holding an immigration adviser licence means the individual has met competency standards and must be professional.” 

The IAA’s register of licensed immigration advisers can be found here.

“Visa applicants need to be honest with Immigration New Zealand and declare any help received when completing a visa application form,” says Catherine.

“If applicants are not honest, the visa application may be declined and Immigration New Zealand may refuse future visa applications.”

For more information, visit the IAA’s website or email info@iaa.govt.nz

Further visa information is available on the Immigration New Zealand website

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