31 January 2018 at 9:00 am

What’s new in IntelliLab

ENZ’s Intelligence team has added new content to IntelliLab, including an interactive visa tool, market factsheets, country forecasts and more.

ENZ’s Intelligence team has added new content to IntelliLab:

  • Visa dashboard for December 2017 (full year summary)
  • IVY – an interactive visa tool
  • Market factsheets (for China, India, Korea, Japan, Columbia, Vietnam)
  • International student Barometer survey results for university and ITP sectors
  • Updated country forecasts from The Economist Intelligence Unit

IVY contains a wealth of visa information and will replace the 50-page monthly visa trends report (the last visa trends report was November 2017). The monthly visa summary dashboard will continue in its current form.

IVY is updated monthly, so users will need to download a new copy each month to access the most up-to-date information. (Please note: IVY has a large file size, so some patience may be required while we explore ways to improve it.)

Our interactive enrolments tool TED (The Enrolments Data) is being updated. You may notice revised student numbers when comparing student nationalities by New Zealand region – this is due to the large number of unfunded PTE and ELS students now being assigned to regions based on their provider. The top-line numbers, such as total number of students and students by country, remain unchanged.

We appreciate any feedback you may have – please use the ‘contact us’ button on IntelliLab.

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