30 January 2019 at 9:00 am

What’s new on IntelliLab?

ENZ’s IntelliLab portal contains more than 500 high-quality reports, research, market intelligence and moreNew Zealand education providers are encouraged to make the most of this resource.


IntelliLab is free, easy to access and provides the latest information on student numbers and trends, market information, industry valuations, research, and insights on developments to help industry make informed decisions. 

It also includes exclusive content – the reports and insights are only available to registered international education providers and New Zealand government officials. 

The latest publications include: 

  • ENZ’s Regional Activity Plans 2019 

  • 2018 December Visa Summary

  • 2018 December IV (interactive visa tool)

  • 2018 November Visa Summary 

  • 2018 November IV 

  • 2018 October Visa Summary 

  • 2018 October IV 

  • 2017 Sector Fact Sheets (overview of 2017 student numbers, value, fields and levels of study) 

  • Report on International Education Sector: Future Directions (sector-led programme of work) 

  • China Skinny’s City Tier Calculator (identifies opportunities specific to China’s cities and regions) 

  • China Outlook Workshop Webinar and Presentation 

  • China FSV Decline – November Update 

  • International Student Average Student Value Factsheet(highlights the total economic value and average student value by market or region)


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