Marketing development

Education New Zealand’s international staff network works to raise the profile of the country’s education system in priority markets.

Team members can support education organisations with a range of activities, including organising media visits, providing introductions to key contacts and carrying out market research.

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International media and key opinion leader visits

ENZ raises awareness of New Zealand in priority markets by organising or supporting visits from international media and key opinion leaders to different regions, locations and organisations.

International public relations

ENZ’s international public relations activities may include helping to launch new programmes, leveraging in-market visits, promoting scholarships and highlighting student successes.

Introductions and contacts

Introductions and contacts from ENZ’s domestic and international staff network can help match institutions with recruitment agencies.

Staff can also assist organisations to connect with:

  • potential partners or customers
  • relevant foreign regulatory agencies and authorities
  • local market or industry experts
  • other specialist external service providers.

Ministerial and education trade missions

Education organisations may have opportunities to profile flagship initiatives during ministerial visits and education trade missions, depending on objectives and scheduling.

In-market support 

In-market teams can help support education providers by providing information on the market, leading arrangements for ENZ marketing and promotional activities, and facilitating introductions with local stakeholders.

In-market initial fact finding

ENZ’s international staff network may be able to help with initial fact verification of foreign partners. They may also be able to refer organisations to in-market third parties if more detailed due diligence is needed.

Identifying new business opportunities

International staff may be able to scout for new business opportunities for organisations seeking to develop partnerships or sell products and services.

Market research

ENZ sometimes carries out market research for sector groups or consortiums, or for individual organisations investigating high impact and high growth initiatives.

In-market events and conferences

Education organisations may be given ENZ help to take part in in-market conferences, seminars and events with external partners.

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