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  • Introducing new GM Marketing and Channel Development, Paul Irwin

    Hannah Lee Darboe, who fulfilled the role of Acting GM for this team, returned to NZTE recently to take up the role of Director, Business Improvements.

    What attracted you to the world of international education?

    The GM Marketing and Channel Development role at Education New Zealand builds on highlights from previous roles in my career. Namely, international marketing in Asia with the Economist Intelligence Unit, advertising and communications consultancy to a range of education sector clients (Open Polytechnic; TeachNZ, Ministry of Education; and Agriculture ITO), and the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. Additionally, I’m really impressed with the contribution that international education makes to both New Zealand’s economy and our cultural ties with other countries.  

    What will you be doing as GM Marketing & Channel Development?

    I'll be helping shape ENZ’s international marketing strategies across brand, digital media, social, agents, events and whatever other opportunities we identify. My goal is to work with the marketing team and the rest of ENZ to build on their great work to date. Particular areas of interest are how we can continue to position the Think New brand against our competitors, increase our use of data for insight and conversion, and how we integrate and optimise all our activity, noting the different challenges of each particular market!  

    What’s on your to-do list for the next three months?

    First, to build my understanding of a very complex industry! ENZ and New Zealand’s education providers operate across a wide range of sectors and countries. From a marketing perspective, we use best practice digital marketing, events and agents, while also equipping the industry with a wide range of tools and marketing material.

    Second, to better understand the needs of the different education sectors (I really look forward to meeting you all in due course!).

    Third, to look to ways to “optimise” our activity, building on past learnings, fine-tuning to the different dynamics of each country and their student populations, and bringing my expertise in integrated marketing to ensure we have the best marketing mix to achieve our collective objectives.  

    What excites you most about your new role?

    I’m excited to be working in a role that delivers economic, social and cultural good. Equally to be working with such a large group of smart, passionate people across ENZ and the entire New Zealand education industry. It’s exciting to be working in an industry that’s part of the “knowledge economy”, which has really strong foundations but equally huge opportunity for innovation and further growth.  

    What challenges do you expect to face?

    There are many challenges in international education, but these are what make the role interesting and rewarding. There’s the complexity of the markets and diversity of sectors. Then there’s being on top of the fast-changing world of marketing today, driven by new digital technologies and channels and access to more and more data. As always, there’s the juggling act between global efficiencies and consistency and in-market tailoring of activity. And last, but not least, being mindful of each education institution’s particular needs, past learnings and future ambitions.

  • Competition winners and interns enjoy trip of a lifetime

    A separate competition was launched in India called ‘Fashion for Fleming’, requiring fashion students to design a t-shirt for ENZ’s Brand Ambassador, Stephen Fleming. The competition encouraged students from India to incorporate creative designs showcasing the unique values of both countries. The winner received a two week internship at AUT’s Fashion School.

    As well, over the past couple of months, two students from Viet Nam and India, and one each from Indonesia and Malaysia undertook all-expenses paid internships at various institutes in New Zealand.

    We’ve received some outstanding feedback from the interns and the respective institutions, both during the internships and after the students returned home. Here’s a taste of what they said:  

    Armeet Narang, a student from Symbiosis Institute, Pune won a four-week internship at Avondale College

    "My experience in New Zealand as an intern is something I will cherish in the future. The people, culture, food, and the work ethic is very much different than in India, something that left me speechless. It was robust and fresh, something I believe every student needs in their college life. Perhaps, what left me astonished was the education system over there, so much more developed. Avondale College and the staff at the International Department were so warm and welcoming I settled right in. It was too good to be true for me. My homestay parents were simply perfect. A month after my return, I still miss that place - the weather, the food and the people. Such an opportunity is sure to open many doors for me, and I cannot be grateful enough.” - Armeet Narang

    “Avondale College welcomed the opportunity to host an intern from India and we were most pleased with the successful candidate when he arrived. Armeet immediately became one of the team at the Avondale College International Department, and set up his work station in the reception office - a signal to us he was here to integrate with the students, learn how a busy office worked, and to offer a new perspective.

    Initial discussions on how Armeet could add value included doing a SWOT analysis, reviewing current strategies of NZ Schools active in the Indian market, and developing a marketing strategy and plan for Avondale College to implement. Having a particular interest in use of media and digital channels, Armeet launched into a review of the current Avondale College website and Facebook usage and developed a best practice model to head towards.

    Armeet took every advantage of getting out and about in Auckland and the North Island. His trip culminated in attending the All Blacks game against Australia. His first rugby match he described it almost as good as an IPL match. From our perspective the internship was a huge success with learnings from both Armeet and institution. Many thanks to ENZ for the opportunity. We are solid advocates for such projects.” - Chris Klaassen, Director of International, Avondale College  

    Nguyen Hoai Thuong, Vietnam won a four-week internship at Palmerston North Girls High School

    “What I love most about New Zealand is that people are very friendly. I didn’t feel like I was in a foreign country, but at home, as a family member. The environment in New Zealand also captured my attention, since people have good awareness of environment protection, and it did have an impact on me after coming back to Vietnam. I also learnt a lot from my colleagues, not only marketing knowledge, but also their passion. They inspired me and made me realise that once you pour all your heart into doing something, anything can be meaningful and memorable. I really hope that one day I can go back to NZ, to learn more and explore more, and most of all, to see again the people giving me the best time of my youth.” - Nguyen Hoai Thuong  

    Pham Phuong Lam, Vietnam won a four-week internship at Academic Colleges Group

    “The one-month internship at ACG was an unforgettable experience. Auckland is a small, multi-cultural city that has made me feel welcome since my very first day. I love the people here, they are friendly, open and very kind. Working in ACG is my first working abroad experience. My colleagues always support and give me good advice to know more about international marketing. ACG has many education institutions that has helped me gain an overall view of New Zealand education, which is famous for critical thinking development and taking good care of international students.” - Pham Phuong Lam


    Competition winners: Intern Edo with Vice Chancellor Stuart McChutcheon and Deputy Vice Chancellor Jenny Dixon.

    Edo Dwi Prayogo, Indonesia won a four-week internship at The University of Auckland

    “I was surprised how easy the Vice Chancellor was to talk to. I feel so lucky to have this whole opportunity. This is my first internship, and I’m having so many new experiences. I’m really enjoying the work environment – it’s so interesting to learn how an organisation reaches international markets, and to be involved in that.” - Edo Dwi Prayogo

    “Having Edo with us for a month has been fantastic. He has made an excellent contribution to the team and we have benefitted from the insights he has provided into the Indonesian market and Indonesian culture.” - University of Auckland International Marketing Manager Shane Ball  

    Kong Kah Weng (Eric), Malaysia won a four-week internship at Choose New Zealand Education Alliance

    Life here is completely different compared to Malaysia. What I have noticed so far, New Zealand is much more structured, less polluted, westernised, the standard of living is higher, buildings are flat, less traffic congestion, convenient public transportation and the city is filled with outrageously beautiful natural scenes.

    My first day working with Novo Education was remarkable, work culture here is very different. Working hours can be flexible; capability, trust and responsibility are amongst the key qualities of being a good staff. I have been catching up and learning many different tasks as an intern. In fact the work environment moulds you towards a positive working culture.

    I have got to know some friends here doing their undergraduate program at a polytechnic institution. In Malaysian’s mind, polytechnics are lousy. This perception does not apply to New Zealand surprisingly. Instead, they offer various types of programmes, well recognised locally and internationally up to postgraduate level. On top of it, they cost less than university.

    Lamb and beef taste like heaven! Many other local productions like diary, chocolate, chips and wine are a must try.  My honest opinion, I think I feel in love with this country and things around.” - Eric Kong

    “Novo Education has been delighted to host the ENZ prize winning student from Malaysia, Eric Kong, as an intern for 4 weeks. Eric visited the campuses of Choose New Zealand members in Auckland, New Plymouth, Whitianga, Greymouth and Christchurch, and is even more enthusiastic about New Zealand education than before he arrived, and was very active in posting positive comments on social media. In turn he has provided us with some insights and research into potential niche markets in Malaysia, and we feel quite excited about future opportunities there.

    We wish him very well in his continuing studies. Thank you to Education New Zealand for the opportunity to participate in this internship programme, and we can certainly recommend it to any other institution in the future. ” - Bruce Cleland, Chairman, Choose New Zealand Education Alliance  

    Somsurvo Chatterjee, a student from NIFT, Kolkata won a two-week internship at the AUT University’s Fashion School

    “I am learning new, innovative ways of garment designing at AUT, which will help me incorporate new design elements when I go back to Kolkata. I am enjoying the student life and culture in Auckland, people on campus have been very friendly and the students from the fashion department organised a surprise picnic for me at the studio which means a lot considering I am in a new country. I will cherish my time and learnings at AUT for life. - Somsurvo Chatterjee

    India20t shirt203

    Winner of the ‘Fashion for Fleming’ design competition Somsuvro Chatterjee with his winning design for Stephen Fleming inspired by the Christchurch Cardboard Cathedral.

  • Hawke’s Bay groups collaborate for growth

    The group of education providers and partner agencies are making sure their “shop front” is as attractive and welcoming as possible. E-News caught up with Education Hawke’s Bay Business Development Manager, Steph Kennard, on the approach.  

    Who makes up Education Hawke’s Bay?

    Education Hawke’s Bay is a voluntary member organisation made up of local government, schools, our ITP and PTEs.  We were formed approximately two years ago with the common goal of doubling the value of international students to the region by 2025.   

    What was the motivation behind the re-brand and new website?

     We wanted to create an identity for Education Hawke’s Bay that served multiple purposes, with a brand that would give our members a sense of belonging. We wanted to showcase Hawke’s Bay as a study destination at the same time as promoting the special characteristics of each education provider. By developing a website, and removing the dependence upon printed brochures, we have reduced our overall costs. 

    Based on this brief, we developed a new brand called ‘Learning Hawke’s Bay’ and new website The use of the word ‘Learning’ represents both the study and leisure experience – students come here to study in a classroom, but they will also gain experience – learn – outside of it, through our culture and local tourism. 

    Our logo operates on several levels – acting as a pointer to direct the viewer, resembling an open book and also an open laptop. This works well with our ‘Learning’ brand.

    The website works as a stand-alone site, but can also be incorporated within individual members’ marketing collateral. Our website uses large format imagery to “paint a picture” of Hawke’s Bay as pictures require little, or no, translation! These images have been chosen to appeal to both students and parents alike, and regardless of country of origin. 

    Our website ensures we can respond quickly to queries and can be updated within moments.  

    What part does the rebrand and new website play in your overall strategy?

    The website and brand are an integral component of our strategy and give us the tools to promote Hawke’s Bay to students overseas. Building the website has meant we can work more smartly on our international promotions. The next steps are to incorporate a social media presence and build on our communication plan.  

    Are there any particular successes or learnings you’d like to share from the rebranding exercise?

    It was important to ensure that our design, including colour and brand, represented our members and was functional. We also required the website to be built with an easy content management system so that we could make changes quickly in-house, without incurring extra costs.  The framework also needed to be flexible enough to enable us to develop the website and make additions to pages without the need for a full re-design.  

    You recently took part in a regional cluster pilot with Hastings District Council. How has this gone?

    The Agent tour was our first real taste of regional clustering in practice. It certainly had its challenges as each member had a different view of which country we should be targeting. In the end we settled on Japan, which meant that not all members participated.

    The other project in the pilot, is to develop a revenue monitoring framework. This is still in the planning, as it requires data which the Education Hawke’s Bay team can’t yet access. Our stakeholders are keen to know just what revenue is generated by our international students, so we want to ensure accuracy.  

    What part has ENZ’s Regional Partnership Programme played in the development and operationalisation of your strategy?

    The support and advice from the ENZ Business Development team has been hugely appreciated, as it can be quite isolating being based in a region and trying to please each of the members. Of course, the financial support has enabled us to employ someone to help us deliver on our regional strategic goals for growth.  

    Is there anything else you’d like to add?

    Our region has just taken part in a poll which proposed that all five councils amalgamate. The proposal was turned down by the community. Although this has been challenging for our region in general terms, the regional education cluster we have established is a great example of how collaboration among members from both Hastings and Napier can work!

  • Game On, in Japan

    Among the over 60 guests who attended the event, were New Zealand’s Ambassador to Japan, Mark Sinclair; Senior Adviser to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Shinichi Yamanaka; Vice President of the Japan Rugby Football Union, Masayuki Takashima; and Fonterra Japan President, Yasuhiro Saito.

    Those GOE student participants who were present spoke, in English, of how fulfilling an experience it was, and of their desire to come back to New Zealand for further study.


    Twelve male high school students from institutions that belong to Kanto Super League spent time in Hamilton from mid-July to early August this year, receiving high level rugby coaching care of the Waikato Rugby Union as well as undergoing an intensive English language programme at the University of Waikato Pathways College.

    Ten female rugby players selected by the Japan Rugby Football Union spent time in Auckland in August, participating in a similar programme run by the Auckland Rugby Union and the New Zealand Language Centres.

    Fonterra Japan sponsored the Hamilton programme while Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology provided financial support for the Auckland programme.

    Both groups of students stayed with local families while in New Zealand.


    GOE Rugby was launched by Prime Ministers Shinzō Abe and John Key in July 2014 in response to the Japanese government’s goal to improve the English language skills and increase the sporting capacity of Japan’s young people in the lead up to Japan’s hosting of the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Olympics.

    Led by English New Zealand in partnership with the Essentially Group, GOE Rugby includes five top provincial rugby unions and selected premium English language providers based in locations throughout New Zealand.

    From November, the GOR Rugby will be available to high school groups from across Japan.

    For more information on the details of the programme, please contact Misa Pitt, ENZ Japan.

  • New Zealand on the #EdtechWorldTour



    Audrey Jarre and Svenia Busson met in 2013 when both were studying at European Business School École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris located at Jouy-en-Josas in the southern suburbs of Paris, France. Now, these entrepreneurial graduates are in the throes of a world tour which brings them into contact with some of the best and brightest minds in edtech – including those in New Zealand, thanks to an invitation and support from ENZ.

    Audrey and Svenia will be in New Zealand from 7 to 11 December, travelling to Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin to meet with edtech companies, see edtech in action at schools, and discuss edtech in education policy with government agency representatives. In Wellington on 9 December they will talk to the EdTech Meet Up group, a community of over 100 people with interests in edtech.

    EdTech is an exciting and growing sector – the smart education and learning market is currently worth $121 billion globally and is forecast to grow to $345 billion by 2019.

    New Zealand’s excellent education system and culture of innovation mean we are well-placed to develop edtech products and services for the world market and claim our market share. 

    Raising the profile of New Zealand’s edtech expertise internationally is critical to achieving growth in this sector, and we expect that, after experiencing New Zealand's innovative edtech scene, Audrey and Svenia will be inspired to tell our story to their global network.

    For more information about the visit see Audrey and Svenia’s website or email ENZ Business Development Manager Adele Bryant.

  • ENZ Board members honoured

    In its third year, the Women of Influence Programme is designed to identify, recognise and celebrate the 100 most influential women shaping New Zealand across 10 categories: Arts and Culture, Board and Management, Business Enterprise, Community and Not for Profit, Diversity, Global, Innovation, Public Policy and Rural.

    Victoria won the Arts and Culture award for her role in injecting new life in to Bats Theatre and for her part in influencing, as Chief Executive of screen production company the Gibson Group, displays and exhibitions at a range of museums and public venues around the world. Eleven women were nominated for this award.

    Frances won the Innovation award for being at the forefront of change in education, and for her vision and passion for learning, particularly in the areas of science, technology and discovery. You will all be familiar with Frances’ cutting edge learning facility, The Mind Lab by Unitec. Eight women were nominated in this category.

    That we have leaders and influencers of such calibre on our board is something to be celebrated. The breadth and depth of experience Frances and Victoria bring to our organisation is invaluable, and the contribution they make to our international education industry is enormously beneficial.

    Read the news story here, and read more about Frances and Victoria here.

  • ENZ Emirates Airline promotion launches in Saudi Arabia

    This promotion builds on a successful #YourSummerinNZ competition, which concluded on 5 June with the award of six prizes to study in New Zealand. The winners receive full scholarships to study English language at one of the six sponsoring New Zealand English language schools for up to six weeks, including return flights to New Zealand and accommodation.

    The Emirates Airline promotional discount offer is on flights to New Zealand, booked from 1 June until 31 August, departing from Riyadh, Jeddah, Medinah, and Dammam. To redeem the offer, students need to use an infographic posted on ENZ’s Arabic Twitter page – @nzeducationsa.

    “We are delighted to partner with Emirates Airline in promoting New Zealand as the premium destination for English-language students,” says John Laxon, ENZ’s Middle East Regional Director.

    “Saudi students can now fly direct from Dubai to New Zealand via Emirates, and enter New Zealand visa-free when studying for up to 12 weeks.”

    The flight promotion, and competition, are targeted to students looking at summer abroad study, given the longer summer holiday period in 2016.

    New Zealand Ambassador, Hamish MacMaster, announced the Saudi #YourSummerinNZ scholarship winners: Abdullah Al Fifi (New Zealand Language Centres), Thamer Albugmi (Worldwide School of English), Ali Al Shahrani (Academic Colleges Group), Mohammed AlQabbaa (Southern Lakes English Language College), Majed Alzahrani (Languages International), and Fahad Alfifi (The Campbell Institute).

    “The #YourSummerinNZ competition was a great success,” says Ambassador MacMaster.

    “More than 3,000 entrants promoted New Zealand on ENZ’s dedicated Arabic-language Twitter channel – @nzeducationsa. ENZ now has more than 38,000 followers on its Twitter page, where students can find out how great it is to study in New Zealand.”

    ENZ will continue a series of promotional and marketing initiatives during the summer period, and any providers looking to partner on further promotions can contact:  

  • New Zealand’s education story screening in Colombia

    ENZ Senior Communications Advisor, Rose O’Connor, had the pleasure of spending a week with a television crew from Colombia recently, during which New Zealand turned on the very best of its crisp and sparkly autumn weather, and Christchurch treated the group to an impressive display of flame-coloured trees.


    L-R: Cameraman, Jimmy Torres Bravo; Producer, Viviana Arjona Parra; Presenter/Director, Alavaro Velez Isaza; Kiwi UC student Hapi Tohiariki; and Colombian UC student Daniel Trocez enjoyed the spectacle of the Crusaders’ victory over the Reds

    The warm Aotearoa welcome was matched by the warmth and generosity of the stars of the show – Natascha Diaz, a PhD student at Auckland University of Technology; and Daniel Trochez, a B. Comm. student at the University of Canterbury. Natascha and Daniel invited us in to their lives and shared their stories with us, and the participating institutions opened their doors and allowed the crew to capture footage of the campuses that will enable a rich story to be told.

    From a backyard Kiwi barbecue to a Friday night rugby game; ice creams on the beach to pies in AUT’s Hikuwai Plaza; interviews with the students, their friends, homestay families and university lecturers – we were able to build a strong picture of Natascha and Daniel’s lives in New Zealand. Their stories will be told to a potential audience of 10 – 12 million in Colombia, via a popular programme called ‘Contador de Historias’ (The Storyteller). The programme is also broadcast extensively across the Americas.


    Alvaro being greeted with a hongi by tour guide Gaz, before heading down to Piha beach. 

    The visit was the first time in New Zealand for all members of the TV crew, and the first time out of Colombia for the young woman from our PR agency, Viviana. They all declared their love for New Zealand and vowed to return.

    The presenter/director of the show, Alavaro Velez Isaza, expressed in a recent email:

    “This was an invaluable experience that surely will be reflected in the chronicles we will see in our program Contador de Historias that our Latin American audience will appreciate, through your eyes that were ours throughout the tour.”


    The crew declared a preference for New Zealand’s style of coffee making!

    Visits such as this are the result of collaboration between ENZ, education providers and the students themselves. While we’re in the thick of famil-season, with both agents and media touring the country, ENZ would like to thank all those involved in their organisation and hosting. The success of such visits relies heavily on our ability to provide meaningful, relevant and high-impact programmes, and it is the support that we receive from our industry partners that helps us achieve this.

    We’ll share the link once the programme once available, but in the meantime you can follow this link to view the teaser.

  • Career advice in Korea

    “This was such a valuable session for us. It’s really hard to find a good opportunity to connect with older established graduates, and to receive their advice about matters important to us – such as employment,” says Henry Shin, a seminar participant and graduate of a high school in New Zealand.

    The seminar is expected to be one of many in a series aimed at giving practical and helpful advice for New Zealand-educated alumni who now live in Korea. The first seminar was delivered by HR managers from SK Construction, a subsidiary of a Korean conglomerate SK Group, and ASML, a Dutch semi-conductor company.

    “New Zealand graduates do not always understand what qualities Korean companies are looking for or how they should approach the complicated employment process that Korean companies use to hire staff,” says ENZ’s Market Development Manager for Korea, Onnuri Lee.

    “We hope that New Zealand-educated alumni can help fellow New Zealand-educated alumni to enter the Korean workforce, and develop better understanding and awareness of the strengths of alumni of New Zealand education.”

    The Kiwi Alumni Association is a volunteer organisation managed and run by New Zealand-educated alumni living in Korea. It was established in 2014 with the aim of connecting New Zealand-educated alumni who are living in Korea. It organises social events and professional development activities.  

    For more information about the Kiwi Alumni Association, visit or email

  • Final cut on first sector story

    ENZ is delighted to share, along with Institutes of Technology & Polytechnics (ITPs) and Industry Training Organisations (ITOs), that the Professional and Vocational Education (PAVE) story is now complete and available on the Brand Lab.

    A sector story video, a set of key messages in the form of posters and a photography library was produced in collaboration with a working group of ITPs and ITOs.

    “Building a strong New Zealand education industry and sector brands was prioritised by many during the Strategic Roadmaps development last year. It’s great to see this first sector story coming to fruition, and I’m looking forward to seeing the schools and universities stories next,” says Business Development General Manager Clive Jones.

    The PAVE sector story delivers a message of New Zealand’s applied learning and real-world skills using imagery of hands at work.

    “This concept immediately communicates the style of education in this sector, and demonstrates the huge range of industries, jobs and futures these skills are important for. It highlights the advantages and outcomes of learning from a culture that is inherently hands-on and practical, and connects strongly with our Think New brand,” says Kaylee Donald, International Brand Manager.

    The Professional and Vocational Education (PAVE) story collateral is available in the Sector Stories folder located under the Marketing section on the Brand Lab, and you can check out the story video here.


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